Laundry Systems

  • We supply a full range of industrial strength laundry powders and liquids
  • Supply suitable for Industrial, In House and domestic laundries.
  • Ace own branded products, as well as most household brands
  • Competitive prices and low minimum order quantities
  • Standing weekly or monthly orders can easily be accommodated
  • Support and advice always freely available

Ace have been providing a core range of Laundry products to Industrial and In House laundries since 1995.

We supply a full range of products including:

  • ACE AH40 – Non Bio Washing Powder
  • ACE AH42 – High Oxy Laundry Powder
  • SE1 Strong Standard Emulsifier
  • Maize Starch
  • Sodium Hypochlorite 14/15% active
  • AH41 High Alkaline Washing Powder
  • AH51 Biological Washing Powder
  • SE2 Heavy Duty Emulsifier
  • AH52 Anti Chlor Sour Liquid
  • Sodium Metasilicate

The main benefit to our service when it comes to laundry supplies is that we offer the core range of products but with a mix and match type service so mixed products can be ordered and delivered within two to three days.

We offer the above delivery service but are able to maintain extremely competitve prices due to our large purchasing power and the fact that we deliver with our own fleet of vehicles.

Laundry dosing systems are also readily available for larger contracted operations